Friday, January 26, 2007

Horses and pigs and basketball oh my

I made an earlier post with a lion and an elephant.
This is more from that project a friend of mine
had. I was thinking of Kurt Rambis when
I drew the horse.


Mike Fontana said...

HI Ryan, we've never met but, Kelly an I go back forever and a day. Thanks to you, I've discorverd this blog thing, pretty amazing! please check out the beginings of my blog.

I have some questions about this thing, I'm hoping that you can answer.

Mike Fontana said...

Yep, unless you have another important Kelly in your life.

I have a 25 year old niece living in Santa Monica. She's been out there for a couple of years, working as an animater on some features,videos and commercials. I'm sure that she could use some advise from some one who's been around the block in her field.

Kelly's told me about you for years
and I just saw "Night at the museum". Great dino. Great everything CG in fact. Any how would it be ok for me to steer her toward you and your blog.

Call any time 201 314 5737