Friday, January 05, 2007

ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!!

The busy part of the last 8 months is I now have
a baby boy! Its awesome being a Dad, and I
did murals for his nursery.
I had one other piece that I copied from Mary Blair, it was
"Its a small World" art work of giraffes.
Obviously she was an influence for the work I did.
These images are photographs taken off the wall in the room,
and I got rid of the wall in photoshop.
I don't have a great camera or light set up so there is some
glare in the artwork.......alas


milo said...

Congrats!!! Great stuff here! Can't wait to see more! ;OP

burgerlog said...

very cute ryan!

Ryan Donoghue said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Hey Anna,

you know what I mean

Ted Bramble said...

You are funny. Not funny ha ha but funny queer.


Alex Moore said...

Hey Ryan,

Belated congratulations - I'm a student at A.M and have just had a baby boy (Feb 15th) so I know the huge range of emotions you have gone through already.

Are you getting any sleep yet?

Keep up the great work