Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pencil sketch of an American city

This was another drawing for a video game.
It was going to be a racing game set in a cyberpunk-ish world,
so this isn't anyplace in particular, but an amalgam of some American cities


bsleven said...

Hey dude,
The thumbnail for this sketch looks awesome. I'm having trouble getting it to enlarge though. It looks like a really nice piece.
: )

Joseph said...

Beth is right. I'm sure it is awesome. IF I could see it.

Shellie K said...

How in the world did you have time to do this. you madman. love it !!!
Too bad you can't join us on our Star Wars
Adventure. The little guys will have to meet someday!
great stuff !

chris chua said...

wow...awesome as usual, Ryan! Keep em comin:)

Mike Fontana said...

It's an incredible drawing ryan. on one hand, it's too bad that the enlargement is't comimg up, on the other hand a truly well composed drawing stands up weather it's a postage stamp or a mural. That drawing stands up. Beautiful.